Collection Exhibition


The Permanent Collection Exhibition of Special-Purity Substances was set up in 1974 by the decision of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences at the Department of Physico-Chemistry and Technology of Inorganic Materials of the USSR Academy of Sciences on the basis of the Institute of Chemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences. At present time the Collection Exhibition works at the Department of Chemistry and Materials Science of RAS and is a scientific unit of the Institute of Chemistry of High-Purity Substances of RAS.

The work of the Collection Exhibition is directed to fundamental problem-solving of the chemistry of high-purity substances connected with the investigation of their impurity composition and the attained degree of purity. The Collection Exhibition is a unique scientific project without either domestic or world analogs and at present time is the only project in the world with respect to the coverage and completeness of data on the problems of chemistry of high-purity substances. The main goal of the Collection Exhibition is to get an objective state of the problems of production and analysis of high-purity substances in this country and abroad and to provide the informational support of coordination activities of the Scientific Council of RAS on Chemistry of High-Purity Substances. The creativity of the Collection Exhibition is used for the investigation and description of high-purity state of a substance, determination of regularities connecting composition and properties of substances and providing the forecast of the actual properties of elements (with high-purity simple substances as prototypes).

The Collection Exhibition comprises more than 600 samples of simple substances (elements), volatile compounds, molecular solids produced in this country and in a number of CIS countries (more than 110 organizations participated in the work of Exhibition). The program of analysis and attestation of samples is being carried out including the conduct of comparative analyses in the leading analytical centers of the country with the goal to obtain the maximum complete and reliable information on their impurity composition, estimation of consistency of the data on elemental analysis and the total content of impurities. The information-computing system (ICS) «High-Purity Substances and Materials» (ICS) has been created and is being developed with the data base comprising ~ 42000 values for the measured concentrations of individual impurities in high-purity substances. The results of the work of the Collection Exhibition were generalized in a monograph G.G. Devyatykh, Yu.A. Karpov, L.I. Osipova «Collection Exhibition of Special-Purity Substances» (2003 ã).

The major activities of the Collection Exhibition:
• Work with the data base on the samples of high-purity substances which includes collecting of samples, their attestation and statistical processing of the data on impurity composition.
• Maintenance and updating of the information-computing system «High-Purity Substances and Materials» and its data bases («GOSTs», «Catalogues», «Literature», «Properties» and others).
• Determination of regularities connecting the impurity composition and the properties of the main and impurity substances.
• Creation of standard reference samples of high-purity substances.
• Maintenance and updating of the Exhibition display; supervising excursions.
• Presentation of the achievements of the Institute at All-Russia and International Exhibitions.