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«High-Purity Substances and Materials» ICS

Information-Computing System «High-Purity Substances and Materials»

    The ICS comprises the data bases on impurity composition of high-purity substances, their properties, methods of production, metrological characteristics of the most sensitive methods for their analysis as well as on the manufacturers of high-purity substances, characteristics of their products, reference documents and others.

    “HIGH-PURITY SUBSTANCES AND MATERIALS” ICS is based on the data of more than 600 samples of the purest substances and materials from 112 institutions of Russia and CIS submitted to the Collection Exhibition of Special-Purity Substances.

ICS functionality

1. Possibility for the user to create his own structures for data storage.
2. Possibility to expand the system by uniting the modules for realization of algorithms for data processing.
3. Standard interface for the input, removal, editing of data with a possibility to create the user-oriented representation.
4. Search for information using different characteristics of subjects.
5. Export of data into other programs (Excel, Word).
6. Processing of experimental data on impurity composition:
•      calculation of the integral characteristics of impurity composition both for individual samples and for a class or a group of samples;
•      construction of functions for distribution of impurities with respect to concentration;
•      estimation of inter-laboratory discrepancy in analysis results;
•      comparison of the degree of purity of samples;
•      estimation of consistency of the data on impurity content

Main window of data base on Exhibition samples

Box for input (editing) of the sample properties