Structure of the Institute

Mikhail Fedorovich Churbanov, Academician
Head of Laboratory of Chemistry of High-Purity Non-Oxide Glasses

tel.: (831)462-65-52, e-mail:

Deputy Director for Science
Andrei Dmitrievich Bulanov, Dr. Sc. (Chem.)
Head of Laboratory of Special-Purity Substances


Deputy Director for Science
Aleksandr Nikolaevich Moiseev, Dr. Sc.
Head of Laboratory of Metal Volatile Compounds
tel.: (831) 462-64-97:

Deputy Director for General Issues
Yury Vyacheslavovich Revin, Ph.D. (Chem.)
tel.: (831) 462-56-77, e-mail:

The Learned Secretary
Olga Petrovna Lazukina, Dr. Sc. (Chem.)
tel.: (831) 462-96-26, e-mail:

Laboratory of Optical Fibers Technology
Head of Laboratory – Aleksei Nikolaevich Guriyanov, Corresponding Member of RAS
tel.: (831) 462-73-13, e-mail:

Laboratory of High-Purity Optical Materials
Head of Laboratory – Evgeny Mikhailovich Gavrishchuk, Dr. Sc. (Chem.)
tel.: (831) 462-66-33, e-mail:

Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials
Head of Laboratory – Anatoly Vladimirovich Gusev, Dr. Sc.
tel.: (831) 462-76-50, e-mail:

Laboratory of Physical Methods for Investigation of High-Purity Substances
Acting Head of Laboratory -
Aleksandr Ivanovich Suchkov Ph.D. (Chem.)
tel.: (831) 462-75-90, e-mail:

Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry of High-Purity Substances
Head of Laboratory – Valentin Alekseevich Krylov, Dr. Sc. (Chem.)
tel.: (831) 462-73-37, e-mail:

Laboratory of Theory of High-Purity State and Separation of Substance Mixtures
Head of Laboratory Yuri Pavlovich Kirillov, Dr. Sc. (Tech.)
tel.: (831) 462-96-19, e-mail:

Laboratory of Plasma Chemical Methods for Production of High-Purity Substances
Head of Laboratory – Petr Gennadievich Sennikov, Dr. Sc. (Chem.)
tel.: (831) 462-71-62, e-mail:


Current divisions of the Institute:

· Permanent Collection Exhibition of Special-Purity Substances.

The Learned Secretary of the Collection Exhibition – Olga Petrovna Lazukina, Dr. Sc. (Chem.)
tel.: (831) 462-96-26, e-mail:

The Institute has a developed infrastructure, including:

· two specialized laboratory buildings with rooms of "100" grade for manipulation with high-purity substances and materials;
· experimental workshop for fabrication of non-standard equipment;
· cryogenic and hydrogen stations;
· pilot areas for production of high-purity substances and materials in small batches.