Proposals to collaboration

        The Institute of Chemistry of High-Purity Substances of RAS is open to collaboration in investigating production and analysis of high-purity substances and development of new materials. The IChHPS of RAS can produce high-purity substances and materials with a detailed characterization of impurity composition for the interested organizations.
    The results of the fundamental investigations of the Institute are followed by the applied developments of methods and technologies for production of high-purity substances, materials and devices based on these materials as well as to produce the pilot batches of these products for domestic and foreign consumers. The Institute carries out its commitments in economic agreements and contracts with Russian and foreign organizations supplying quartz and chalcogenide optical fibers, optical elements of zinc selenide, a number of high-purity substances.
    Due to the specifics of the scientific problems and directions the Institute has a number of acting pilot technologies for a number of important high-purity materials: quartz optical fibers highly doped with the oxides of germanium, phosphorus, rare-earth elements; optical elements based on polycrystalline zinc chalcogenides for power IR-optics; high-purity volatile hydrides and chlorides for semiconductor engineering and fiber optics; MOCVD-technology for single-crystal films of CdHgTe solid solutions used for photodetectors. The Institute has a number of inventions which are ready for realization via the innovations projects.
    Scientific results, obtained at the IChHPS of RAS, are applied practically at the Institute. High-technology products, manufactured as pilot batches, include:

-    high-purity single crystals of monoisotopic species of silicon;
-    high-purity volatile halogenides for fiber optics;
-    high-purity volatile inorganic hydrides for micro- and opto-electronics;
-    high-purity substances and materials (selenium, selenium oxide, arsenic monosulfide, sulfur);
-    optical elements of high-purity zinc selenide (CVD-ZnSe) and zinc sulfide (CVD-ZnS);
-    optical fibers based upon high-purity quartz glass, doped with rare-earth elements (Er, Yb, Er-Yb and Nd), the oxides of phosphorus and germanium;
-    high-purity chalcogenide glasses of arsenic-sulfur and arsenic-selenium systems with improved characteristics;
-    optical fibers of high-purity chalcogenide glasses with low optical losses in IR-range;
-    high-purity tellurite glasses of  TeO2-WO3-La2O3(Bi2O3) system with improved characteristics;
-   high-purity epitaxial layers of Cd-Hg-Te solid solutions, produced by chemical vapor deposition of organo-metallic compounds, for production of IR-photodiode linear photodiode arrays and matrices.

    Within the framework of the license contract with the IChHPS of RAS, the ╬╬╬ źNN OPTIKA╗ fabricates the preforms and optical elements from zinc selenide (CVD-ZnSe) and supplies them to the interested organizations through agreements and contracts.

    It is planned to supplement the list of the produced high-purity materials and devices with monoisotopic substances, some new types of optical fibers and optical elements for fiber and power optics.